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The ISFTV Home Theater Experience

ISFTV is all about making home theater a better experience.

Optimizing the potential of your monitor/display will provide the best pathway to effortless viewing pleasure. A properly calibrated display device not only provides greater detail and more accurate color reproduction, but it is also easier on your eyes. That means watching more movies with no video fatigue.

Don't let the color and contrast out of the box ruin your eyes or your TV. Factory presets on virtually all TVs are so high that not only do they create eyestrain and fatigue, but they also can permanently damage your set by burning the phosphors and reducing the life of the tube(s) by as much as 50 to 60 percent. 

ISFTV's Reference Colorimeter

The Minolta CS200 is designed to measure luminance, chromaticity,
gamma and contrast of light emitting products, such as large flat panel and
plasma displays, compact LCD's and OLED's, outdoor screens, high pressure
lamps and instrument panels.  In short, it can accurately read any type of display
device. The CS-200 has 40 high accuracy sensors to calculate spectral response
where as most color analyzers have only 3; 3 selectable measuring angles, and
measurement speed as low as 0.5 seconds.  

The Minolta CS-200 has been compared to the industry standard calibration device, the Photo Research PR 650 Spectraradiometer by JKP (Joe Kane Productions), and has proven to be as accurate as the PR650, and quite a bit faster in its readings.

A Quick Overview of ISFTV ...
ISFTV's President and lead technical expert, Kevin Miller is an industry-leading consultant providing ISF Certified video calibration in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. He is a charter member of the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF), which sets the standards for video reproduction in the market today. Kevin's product reviews have been published in many of the Audio / Video industry's top periodicals and can be viewed by checking "The Miller Channel Archive" link in the main menu.
The types of displays we work on include:
Three-gun CRT Projectors
LCD Projectors
Plasma Displays (with or without outboard processor)
DLP projectors
LCD Displays
ISFTV also provides Consulting Services in the areas of:
Product Reviews (for both print and web)
Home Theater Design
Home Theater Lighting Issues
High Definition Products

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Calibration for the project was performed by Kevin from

With today's dazzling digital video sources like DVD and HDTV it pays to have your set tweaked to perfection so you can get every last ounce of picture quality from these fabulous sources.

Take control of your home theater pleasure and treat your expensive TV with the respect you'd treat any of your other costly toys with the help of an experienced ISF Technician.

Now, in association with ...

TWEAKTV is ISFTV's latest venture. If you are looking for an easy way to make an immediate improvement on your digital cable or satellite picture come and visit Our professional calibration staff has put together an extensive database from their field calibration work that will help you improve your viewing experience while you are waiting for in-home professional calibration, the ultimate improvement in your video system.

After getting the User Menu information for your particular set by clicking on the Tweak My TV tab, come and join our forum, ask our pros any questions you like regarding specific HDTVs, or anything related to home theater. Enjoy!