Kevin Miller got his start in the Audio/Video industry in the late 80's as
the Managing Editor and later the Publisher of The Perfect Vision magazine.
He was responsible for hiring Joe Kane as the Technical Director of the
magazine, which quickly put TPV on the map as the technical authority
in video in the publishing industry.

From 1994 to 1997 he was a partner in Total Media Systems, a home
theater custom installation business in New York. 

Kevin was the Marketing Director for Runco International from May of
1997 to April of 1999, which afforded him a good deal of front projection setup
training and experience.

His last full-time position was as the Editorial Director for Video at the now defunct consumer electronics Internet giant,
As a charter member of the Imaging Science Foundation, Kevin has a keen interest in delivering the best video images possible in a home theater environment. Having been through the first ever ISF training course in February of 1994 he has more experience calibrating TVs than anyone else in the country.


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